Effortless Communication

KinderConnect streamlines all communication channels in one easy to manage location.

  • Two- way message chat
  • In system emails
  • Newsletters
  • Online dynamic forms

Effectively manage Billing/ Payments

KinderPay ensures you are never left behind!

  • Streamlined account visibility
  • Easily distributed invoices
  • Efficiently manage payments
  • Generate reports

Scheduling/ Timetables

Provide families with increased visibility of their child’s routine.

  • Create children’s class schedules including extracurricular activities
  • Schedule Group classes as well as one on one coaching sessions
  • Keep scheduling private with families only see their child’s information

Classroom Features

Kinder m8 Increases family engagement and supports children to involve their families in their learning.

  • Email privacy
  • Data security
  • Secure access for all users

Secure, private & complete access control

All Kinder m8 products have banking grade security to ensure the privacy of all your data and access points. Our platforms are secure with HTTPS and data encryption.